Mud Lake Biodiversity Project

This project is a hobby of mine. The goal of the Mud Lake Biodiversity Project website is to have an easily accessed pictoral catalogue of all organisms that inhabit or otherwise pass through Mud Lake. We hope to eventually have ALL organisms catalogued, from the smallest bacterium to the largest tree.

The Britannia Conservation Area - "Mud Lake" - is an undeveloped patch of land within Ottawa, Ontario set aside as a nature preserve and maintained by the National Capital Commission. A path encircles the lake, taking visitors through various distinct biomes.

Here is an article on the project, written by Dylon Copland.

There are currently: 310 species catalogued in this website.

External Biodiversity Project

About Me

My name is Patrick Killeen. I am a PhD student studying Computer Science at the University of Ottawa. You may visit my home page to check out other web development I have done, or check out my Github projects found here

Course Papers

Below is a list of papers (reports) I wrote for some of my graduate courses at the University of Ottawa


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